Editorial Team

Founding Director: Tamika Nunley is Associate Professor of History, Comparative American Studies, and Law and Society. She created the History Design Lab to provide opportunities for students to work collaboratively on work about the past. These projects involve innovative methodologies, archival research, workshops, and an ongoing blog with content created by students.

Director: Renee Romano is the Robert S. Danforth Professor of History, and Professor of Comparative American Studies and Africana Studies. She is thrilled to be continuing Professor Nunley’s work as the new director of the History Design Lab.

Lead Editor: Meredith Warden is a junior majoring in History and minoring in Comparative American Studies. Her research interests include early American history, historical memory, and public/spatial history. In addition to working on On Second Thought, she also contributes writing and editing for numerous other projects. At Oberlin, she is a member of the field hockey team, a student blogger for the Office of Communications, and a Writing Associate in the Writing Center. She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Editor: Cristal Ramos is a Sophomore from Chicago, Illinois who intends on majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in History this Spring. Her research interests include Latina/o History and post-World War II American history with a focus on global relations. In addition to working with the editorial team on On Second Thought at Oberlin, she is a program coordinator for Oberlin’s La Alianza Latinx’s student identity org.

Editor: Gunja Sarkar is a junior majoring in History and Computer Science with a minor in mathematics. She is from Seattle, Washington. Her research interests include global history, public history, and digital history. In addition to working on On Second Thought at Oberlin, she is a captain of the club soccer team, a Computer Science department assistant, and can usually be found in a library!